Twitter Fleets: Everything you need to know!

It’s late, but apt! 

Twitter, known for its swift spread of the message, has been a bit late but then it finally came up with its own version of Story or Status – a self-vanishing tweet that would disappear in 24 hours. Furthermore, these special tweets won’t have any action to perform that normal tweet do have. Recently, Twitter officially announced its latest feature ‘Twitter Fleet’ to India. Here is the tweet from the product head. 

The microblogging platform has always been in constant efforts to improve its features. As stated by its product manager Mo Al Adham, “to have conversations in new ways with less pressure and more control,” the feature of Twitter Fleet has been introduced lately.

After Brazil, India is the only country to get such a privilege. 

How does the feature of Twitter Fleet work?

‘Fleet’ literally means a group of vessels or vehicles operating under the same authority. Fleet is an epitome of ‘moving’ objects and, therefore, Twitter fleets would also ‘move’ rather than stay stationary like ‘normal’ tweets. Fleets will disappear after 24 hours and will not have any further action applicable to them, including retweet, likes, and public replies. 

If anyone wants to reply to a fleet, tapping on it would open a Direct Message (DM) or emoji. The conversation on the fleet can then carry on in DMs. In a case where you haven’t shut down your DMs, anybody can react to the fleets; however, if you have protected your tweets, only your followers would be able to see the fleets right at the top of their home. It is exactly similar to Instagram UI with circled profiles. 

What’s the Purpose of Twitter Fleet?

Twitter is one of the fastest ways to connect to anyone in the world. The microblogging platform allows people to know about their celebrities and idols without any mainstream media because tweets come straight from them. 

Nevertheless, some have privacy concerns and feel quite strain to be in public as their tweets are available for retweeting and likes. Twitter addressed their concerns by introducing Twitter Fleet, a special type of conversation with ‘less pressure and more control’. 

Tweet Fleets, as the name suggests, are volatile tweets. The fleeting thoughts and stories that would stay for the world for a while before disappearing. The fleets would have no retweeting option. Nor will they have any public reply and a permanent place on the timeline. 

A glance at Twitter Fleet Features 

Let’s have a sneak peek at the Twitter fleets’ features that are likely to change the way we communicate on the microblogging platform – 

  • Fleets are primarily texts; nevertheless, one can add videos, photos, and GIFs
  • Creating a new fleet is easy – tap on your pic on the top left of your profile, start texting! 
  • Alternatively, you can add photos and videos through media icon. Tap on ‘Fleet’ to post
  • You can view ‘who has seen’ your fleet under the post 
  • You can tap on someone’s avatar to see their post when they were last seen on Twitter
  • To view the fleets, check out the profile page of anyone 
  • You can get engaged with your followers on Fleets. It can be done through ‘reply’ and ‘react’ buttons; nevertheless, the feature is available only when you have DMs open
  • Your followers can reply privately through DM or can submit a quick reaction with an emoji
  • Replies and reactions are available in DMs; furthermore, it is the same place where the conversation can continue

What changes Twitter Fleet can bring?

Brazil was the first country to get the features of Twitter Fleets. The feature is in its infancy, and there is a lot to learn about it. In fact, Twitter is also waiting for feedback to come. 

But the microblogging platform shares its views on the basis of changes Twitter Fleets have brought to them. Twitterites are now more comfortable about sharing their fleeting thoughts and, moreover, those who were not so active on the platform are becoming quite lively. 

Twitter Fleets have brought great relief to many who don’t want their tweets to make permanent impressions. Many users, including well-known celebrities, now opt for Twitter Fleets as they are restricted and avoid public reactions. Unwanted retweets, reactions, and conversation can be avoided on Twitter Fleets and, therefore, Twitter Fleets are welcomed by hundreds and thousands of Twitter users, including famous personalities. 

How would the Indian market react to Twitter Fleets?

As I said, it’s too early to react on the latest feature of Twitter Fleets, especially for Indians who believe in more talks and debates. While Twitter is excited to bring the feature to Indians, only time will tell whether people accept it. 

IMO, the feature is good to have. As it is quite similar to Stories and Statuses on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, there won’t be any strong or dull reaction to the Twitter feature. Indians have embraced the same features on other social media applications; likewise, they’d also welcome the same for Twitter. But I’d also predict that though Twitter Fleets will disappear after a day, the critics would have their ‘screenshots’ ready to use in future!  

Also, Twitter has been one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, it is considered as a place for announcing official statements, especially of celebrities and government officials and ministers. Tweet Fleets will disappear after its said limit; therefore, keeping a record of tweets will then be difficult unless the screenshots are kept or saved. Twitter has also sensed it and allowed anyone to report a tweet; that said, if there’s a violation of rules, reporting the fleets will draw Twitter’s attention and action shall be taken. Twitter has also said that they’d maintain the fleets on their servers for more than 24 hours for analysing in a case they need to. 

For all businesspersons, especially after COVID19 pandemic lockdown, social media marketing is unavoidable. While Twitter Fleets have little to do with marketing, I’d still expect the rise of some new dimensions in Internet marketing through Twitter’s latest features.

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